Studying Abroad in Galway, Ireland

Who is talking to you?

For the academic year 2016-2017, I am an Erasmus student in Galway, Ireland. Erasmus is the European programme exchange but do not worry, the tips and advice I will be posting will also be valid for international students from outside the EU.


What will you read about ?

As I am French, it is more than likely that when I will talk about something that really surprised me, you’ll find it completely normal. It is what happens when different cultures meet, but that’s part of what makes studying abroad so great! I will not be posting articles about my everyday life, this website is going to be more about general information, to help you guys find what you are looking for right away. So if what you are looking for is a blog from an Erasmus student, I can recommend my friend’s blog, but it doesn’t happen in Ireland, it is about Swansea in Wales.

Of course, my articles will be about Galway, the city I am studying in, but you can apply the general information to the Republic of Ireland. The first subjects I will broach will be about the general aspects of life -such as the weather, the cost of living and how the people are- and accommodation.


Why should you do it? 

The reason I am going to write those articles, if you have not already decided to study in Ireland, is to convince you to do it. You are probably asking yourself a lot of questions: is Ireland the right choice for you? Will you make friends? Will you have things to do? Yes, you will. Don’t be afraid of leaving your home. There are so many reasons as to why you should study abroad, so go for it! You might go through hell sometimes but that will only make you stronger. If you force yourself to see an obstacle like something you must overcome and that will make you better once you do that, you change something negative into something positive. You will meet people from all around the world, discover new places, and there is nothing like new cultures to change you and broaden your horizons. Honestly, there are only good reasons to study abroad.


If you have some questions that are not talked about, feel free to contact me. Also keep in mind that the information I’ll give you might change with time!


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